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You can use the form to place your free entry in our search engine.
Should you have registered already with an existing set of data (just your address),
the data will be deleted.

All of the following entries are completely free of charge and will remain so also in the future,
it is not planned to make this free entry “liable for charges” at a later date, because:
a free registration is the prerequisite that many register.
We are happy about each free entry.

Just the „Web-Link“ is liable for charges.
The Web-Link offers some additional services:

A link to your website:

  •    Listing of all linked entries at first rank

  •     Linking of the picture to your website

  •     upon a mouseclick, detailled information is instantly available. (pictures, description, etc.)

  •     A picture of your operation in the search results: invites to clicking onto it

  •     Attracts attention and additional interest and invites to clicking.

La notificación es un acto jurídico por el cual se comunica legalmente a una persona una resolución judicial para que actúe procesalmente en el juicio mediante los actos que la ley pone a su disposición.
El efecto que genera la notificación es que desde el momento en que se perfecciona la ley entiende que la resolución judicial  queda puesta en conocimiento de la persona notificada. Normalmente a la  notificación va asociado un plazo para realizar una diligencia judicial  con posterioridad a ella.
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